“Free Falling Book One: Gravity” is now available on Kindle!!!

Ok, so……I finally did it!  Sam and AJ are now available for the world to get lost in their love story just like I did writing it.  Not gonna lie, though.  I had a very hard time classifying it as a romance, but I couldn’t see how else to categorize it.  To me, it’s a modern-day drama with very prevalent romantic overtones.

I put my whole heart and soul into anything that I write, and by this being my first baby, I definitely poured out some real emotion into it.  Hopefully that translates well through my writing.  I’m so excited for the world to fall in love with AJ like I did LOL!

Book Two will be released in early 2014, with another stand-alone book, “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”, to follow in August (at least that’s the plan for now)!


Also, if you’d like to check out “Red Sun” on kindle, there’s a link for that to!!  http://www.amazon.com/Red-Sun-Raven-St-Pierre-ebook/dp/B00GK51BCU/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1384182889&sr=1-1&keywords=raven+st+pierre

Happy Reading!



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  1. I really enjoyed reading all about AJ and Sam. Read all three stories back to back. I enjoyed so much I turned around and read all the books again. Keep up the good work and I will looking out for what you have in store for your fans next.

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