20 Random Facts About Me (because all other topic ideas elude me at the moment). WHY NOT!!

1)      I still use the same hair scarf from high school.  Mind you, I graduated in 2001, so…..

2)      Mushrooms gross me out because I can’t get past the fact that they’re fungus

3)      I’m 30 and have been married for 11 years this coming February

4)      Twenty years later, I still haven’t adequately dealt with my parents’ divorce

5)      I just learned how to swim the summer of 2012 (sad, right?)

6)      I’m only 5’4 and wear a size 11 shoe – Apparently God thinks it’s funny to give a short girl big feet

7)      I wrote my first book in 2009 and just FINALLY got the nerve to publish it – hence the reason I have like 7 other fully written novels weighing down my hard drive.

8)      Favorite movie: I am Legend…..and not just because I love Will Smith either.

9)      Top 5 celeb crushes: 1) Idris Elba; 2) Channing Tatum; 3) Columbus Short; 4) Adam Rodriguez; 5) Charles Michael Davis (the dude who plays Marcel on CW’s “The Originals” – Whew!!).  I’d have each one of their babies and deny, deny, deny……

10)   One of my biggest fears is regret.  I hate the idea of missing an opportunity and doing the whole “woulda, coulda, shoulda” routine later.

11)   If I could live anywhere in the world it would be New York City

12)   I get amped about video games like men do

13)   I was born with twelve fingers LOL (of course the extras were removed shortly thereafter)

14)   I can’t say the word “balls” without giggling

15)   My mother’s afraid to read my books because she’s knows there’s sex involved

16)   Birds freak me out

17)   Embarrassing moment: I lived in an apartment building on a busy street for a while as a teenager.  I fell down the front steps during rush hour

18)   I’ve never broken a bone which is a miracle because I despise milk

19)   I swallowed a quarter when I was 4 and my brother saved my life.

20)   When I was 9-ish, I bred gerbils for a local pet store.  The most I had at a time was 60 in 6 separate cages.  Looking back, that was pretty gross, but I made 40 bucks a month selling them to the store owner!

I think I totally just “over-shared”, but it was fun!


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