An Excerpt from Exposed (Free Falling Book Three)

Free Falling is a New Adult, Interracial (AM/BW) Romance series that follows Samantha Kelley and Anthony “AJ” Hahn from their senior year of high school, to college, and finally into adulthood.  Haven’t read it?  No problem! There’re still two days before the new release hits Amazon!  You can check out GRAVITY for only $0.99 and then continue on with SECRETS!  Check out these and my other works on Amazon and Goodreads!

Also, if you haven’t seen the trailer for EXPOSED, just click HERE 🙂

And now, an excerpt from Exposed (Free Falling Book Three), available on Amazon 6 – 1 – 14.



I zipped my bag and took a moment to think, making sure I wasn’t forgetting anything else.  When I did, I spotted my phone charger plugged in beneath the window, deciding to grab that too.  In D.C., I was used to utilizing the one in my car on my way to work, but now that I was taking cabs back and forth, I often found myself with less than ten percent battery life – like now.  On cue the call failed and the phone shut off.  I cursed loudly to myself and let out a deep breath.  This day was already off to a terrible start.  I bent to snatch the charger from the wall and glanced out the window when I stood upright to rush toward the door…but when I did, I froze in place.  I could’ve sworn I saw a familiar face amidst the crowd, grabbing a smoothie from the kiosk down at the sidewalk.  My mouth hung open as I watched Giuseppe take her cash and then flash her a smile.

Without thinking, I dropped my things on the air mattress and tore through the entrance of my loft, taking the stairs in twos.

What am I doing?

Why am I even chasing her?

What am I gonna say to her when I get down there?

None of these questions got answered, or even mattered, to be quite honest.  Clearly, I had a one-track mind.

“Strawberry banana smoothie for you this morning?” Giuseppe asked with a grin, remembering my order from last time.

I ignored his question and pointed down the street in the direction that I thought Sam had just walked off in.  Out of breath, I asked, “The woman who was just here – brown-skinned, longish brown hair, tight black dress….did she walk that way?” I asked, noting the air of desperation in my tone.

Giuseppe seemed confused and I tried not to let the dumbfounded look on his face frustrate me.  When the expression turned into a smile, I knew he now understood who I was talking about.

“Ohhhh……yes, she went that way.” Relief washed over me and I was only able to take one step when he added,  “…but you’ll never catch her.  She’s fast, that one.”

I placed my hands on the metal counter of his booth and braced myself.  “She comes here often?” I asked, out of breath from letting myself get all worked up.

He smiled bright again.  “Yes!  Every Wednesday.  Same time.  Like clockwork.”

When he said this, I remembered this being something that he’d shared with me my first day here.  There was no way in hell I would’ve known then that he was talking about Sam, though.

“Every Wednesday?” I asked.

Giuseppe nodded to confirm.

“Same time?”

Another nod.

Now my heart rate slowed as I continued to stare off into the sea of pedestrians, hoping to get another glimpse of her.  But he was right, she was already gone.  I turned to Giuseppe again.  “Could you do me a favor?”

He nodded and watched curiously as I dug inside my pocket for a $5 bill.  “The next time she comes by here, let her know that her drink was already paid for, and hand her this.”

I scribbled my phone number on a napkin.  Giuseppe didn’t have to wonder why.  The smile on his face grew as he accepted the cash, and the napkin, sticking it beneath the counter.  I don’t know why, but I trusted that he’d carry out my plan just like I’d asked him to.

“Of course,” he promised, as I turned to head back inside to retrieve the things I’d abandoned on my bed.

Climbing the steps, I shook my head at myself, realizing that I was doing this the hard way.  If I really wanted to talk to her so bad, which I clearly couldn’t deny any longer, I could’ve just asked Terrell for her number.  After all, if I did it that way, I’d be able to contact her tonight rather than waiting a week and leaving the ball in Sam’s court instead of my own.  However, I know her.  She’d always appreciated the subtle ways that the universe used to go about making us aware of the others’ existence.  To me, this – forgetting my laptop that morning, my phone dying, seeing her pass right beneath my window in one of the largest cities in the world – seemed like another one of those moments.

Did I take this as some cosmic sign that we were supposed to be together?  No, of course not.  But I do believe that us not having contact at all isn’t in the stars for us either.  If I knew Sam, she’d felt the same pull that I had since I got into town Saturday.  Playing with fire or not, I’d already made up my mind that I’d be talking to her at some point….even though I’d just promised Kira this wouldn’t happen.

Still, for whatever reason, I couldn’t seem to convince myself that I was making a mistake.




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  1. Poor AJ.. As much as I would like for AJ & Sam to have a HEA, I hope he doesn’t go chasing behind Sam.

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