A Snippet from the Free Falling Novella, “Today. Tomorrow. Always.”

WARNING: For anyone who has not yet finished the Free Falling series, I strongly suggest that you read no further because this excerpt contains spoilers.


Events and decisions of the past almost cost her everything, but she was given a second chance.

He marvels at the beautiful life that almost slipped through his fingers, vowing never to let anything come between them again.

The memory of being apart lingers with both Sam and AJ, but those days are long gone. Now that the dust has settled, all that remains is their unwavering love and an impenetrable bond many have tried and failed to break.

“Today. Tomorrow. Always.” is a glimpse into the life this couple has managed to build together and a chance to catch up with old friends you’ve grown to love throughout the Free Falling series.

Available now for pre-order 😀



A set of small hands reached up and the little guy attached to them stared at me with watery eyes. He had the hardest time accepting that I had to first put my things down before picking him up. With a fistful of my pant leg gathered in his hand to steady himself, he followed me over to the counter where I placed my keys, a few pieces of mail, and my suit jacket. This was the warm greeting he always gave when I came home from work and I found myself looking forward to it every day.

With my hands free, I stooped to take him into my arms. The second I did, a big grin spread across his face, showing off two teeth on the top and two on the bottom as his pacifier clattered to the tiled floor. Gentle pats hit both sides of my face as he gurgled a few syllables.

A sound from the living room led me in that direction, carrying Anthony with me as I left the kitchen.

“Is that mommy in there?” I asked him.

He gave a big nod.

“Good. Let’s go get her.”

Turning the corner, the sound of my steps no longer echoed throughout the house as I made it onto carpet. There, on all fours with her head and arm underneath the couch, was Sam. Whatever she was searching for, she looked good doing it.

“Now that’s what I call a greeting.”

She laughed when she heard my voice, but continued to fumble around under the couch. “Hello to you, too, and quit being nasty.”

I tilted my head to the side for a better view. “You can’t have all that in my face and expect me not to say something.”

Her laughter filled the room again as the boy and I watched, staring intently for two totally different reasons. I’m sure seeing Sam made him think of snacks and hugs and whatnot. Me? Not so much. Hugs weren’t exactly what came to mind.

“Ha! Found ‘em,” she announced, hopping up with her keys in hand. She dangled them triumphantly in my face, although I had no idea what was going on.


She rolled her eyes at me with a grin. “Your son here is a menace to society.” Before going on, she landed a kiss on my lips and lightly pinched Anthony’s cheek. He smiled and rested his head on my shoulder, popping his thumb into his mouth in place of the pacifier he’d lost.

“Thanks to him, I’ve spent the last hour looking for my keys.”

“Nah… you have zero proof he did it,” I rebutted, defending my son despite fully believing he was responsible. He’d done the same thing to me about a week ago. I was ready to leave for work, only to find that my keys were missing. That time Sam and I found them in the back of his toy dump-truck. Since he started walking a few weeks back, things have been coming up missing left and right.

“No, no, no… don’t let that cute face fool you. The little booger stole them, and then hid them, because he enjoys seeing me search all over the house like a crazy person.”

As if he knew he was in the hot-seat, Anthony reached for his mom and she gladly accepted the tight squeeze he gave her neck, making sure he knew she wasn’t really upset. With my arms now free, I could greet my wife properly, grabbing her, pulling her close as she eased our little boy over to her hip. I sought a kiss and she gave me what I was after.

There was a high-pitched giggle and a screech off to my left as the kiss with Sam deepened, keeping it PG since we wouldn’t be getting any alone time until later tonight.

“I think he’s watching us,” Sam said breathily as her lips moved with mine.

“Let him. The boy has to learn from somewhere.”

She shoved me away a few inches when she burst out laughing. “Get your hormones in check! What’re you gonna do when our guests get here? Three whole days of no… contact.”

Did she just say three days? Since when did we start caring if someone was around or not?

“Terrell and Maisha are hardly guests; they’re family,” I countered. “And besides, with the whole… ‘kid situation’ we have going on here—” I paused to gesture toward our son. “I’m pretty sure they know we have sex.”

“AJ! Don’t say that word in front of him!” Sam screeched, trying not to smile as she covered one of Anthony’s ears with her free hand and pressed his other to her chest. “All we need is for our parents to call to talk to him and he blurts that out.”

I imagined the scenario she just described and smiled. “C’mon… Tell me that wouldn’t be funny, though.”

She couldn’t even deny it, giggling a bit at the thought. “Oh my gosh… I can’t even deal with you two right now. You’re both trouble.”

She handed my namesake back over to me, mussing his dark curls with her fingers right after. “I’ll be back in a few. My plan was to be done at the store by the time you made it home, but somebody decided to mess up my plan. I won’t mention the perp’s name, but he’s the shortest person in the room. That’s all I’m gonna say.”

A kiss went to Anthony’s cheek and then mine as Sam passed by.

I followed her with my eyes. “Need me to do anything while you’re gone? The guest room’s all set?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yup, I freshened up the sheets and everything while he napped. But if you’re looking for something to do, could you put him in the tub for me? I still have to cook when I get back and I don’t want to have to worry about it after they get here.”

“No problem.” I headed toward to the stairs to run the bathwater.

“Don’t forget to put a towel down on the floor first. You know he likes to splash,” she warned, as if I hadn’t done this a hundred times before.

“Got it.”

“And don’t forget—”

“—the faucet cover so he doesn’t bump his head. I know,” I said with a laugh, already halfway up the steps. “I’ll handle bathing the boy; you go do your thing at the store and quit worrying.”

When I turned around, she was standing in the foyer. A warm smile crossed her face as it often did when she watched me with our son. She knew I had things under control. “Ok… I shouldn’t be gone long.”

“Be careful,” I said as she turned to leave.

“I will; try to stay out of trouble. Both of you,” she called out, closing the door behind herself.

I turned toward Anthony and he smiled like he knew what was going on. I shook my head. “Geez… Mommy doesn’t let us have any fun, does she?”


That’s it for now! Hope you all enjoyed 😀

Today. Tomorrow. Always.” will be released March 26th, and come back this Friday for the cover reveal!! There’s also still time to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway!




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  1. YIPPEE…That was so good! I love reading a glimpse of Sam & AJ as parents. Can’t wait for the 26th😊😊

  2. Thanks for the tease…I just re-read the first three books…feels like Christmas is coming!

  3. Sigh….I can’t wait

  4. Wow what an awesome blurb. I’ve pre- ordered now I’m counting down the days until the 26th of March! I’ll also be back for the cover reveal Friday! Thanks a million!

  5. I just wanted to know when is the Angel and Kai coming out.

    • Hey! Angel and Kai’s story is still under construction lol, but I hope to have it out later this year 🙂 When I have a more solid date, I’ll definitely be sharing. Thanks for reaching out!

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