A Behind the Scenes Look at “Matt & Brooklyn”

Hey, everyone! I did a “Behind the Scenes” post when I released “Again for the First Time” in January, so I thought it would be fitting to do that for this story as well. I sometimes get questions from readers about my characters and my stories in general, so I thought I’d just share a few things with you all right out the gate 😀

First, a couple reminders:

  • Matt & Brooklyn” will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and in paperback formats by August 6th, 2015. To receive a notification when the book goes live on Amazon, follow me 😀
  • Also, for my Facebook friends who signed up for an ARC (Advanced Review/Reader copy), the book will be in your email inboxes on Thursday, July 23rd. TWO DAYS! That came really fast and I’m so excited!

❤ Now, on to the actual post. As always, feel free to comment below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions ❤

  1. Their story takes place 2 to 2 ½ years after “Again for the First Time”, so Matt is now 26 and Brook is 24.
  2. Yes, Matt has quite a bit of money since his career has taken off, but you may not even notice it throughout the story. There are a few indicators, but I purposely don’t harp on what’s going on with his bank account because it isn’t about that. Neither he nor Brook are focused on that. Money isn’t what drives him to do what he does; it’s passion.
  3. Brook HAS NOT CHANGED lol. So the same career-focused, smart-mouthed, stubborn person she was in the previous story, expect that same woman to be within the pages of this book. That was intentional. I did my best to make these characters stay in their true form because those were the same characters readers seemed interested in exploring further. So is she cold sometimes? Yeah. Callous even? Possibly, but I promise she’s the same person you read previously. However, she has grown up and this story is very much about her emotional journey and learning to be open.
  4. “Matt is not Luke 2.0” one of my betas said… and I loved that. I was concerned readers would expect Luke all over again and that was her response. Matt is not Luke. No more than Brook is Lissy. While, yes, my previous and current heroes are siblings, they are two completely different people. Matt is the laidback, fun-loving one, but he’s also grown up. Since the last book ended he’s aged two years AND now works in his profession, so that would mature anyone to a certain degree. Matt is also a straight-forward, doesn’t hold ‘em up kinda guy. He says what he means and means what he says (which I LOVE about him). There are no pretenses about him and he never deviates from who he is. No lies. No secrets. No drama. I must say, he was refreshing to write!
  5. You will get updates on past characters in this story (All the crazy James sisters will be there) and you’ll also get a glimpse into two other avenues I plan to explore within the family saga—one that’s very obvious and one you’ll have to read between the lines in order to see that something’s brewing 🙂 The reason this series has zero cliffhangers is because it wasn’t intended to be a series. I ended up falling in love with Matt as I wrote him as a supporting character in the last book and, likewise, I saw potential for other characters to have their stories told while crafting “Matt & Brooklyn”. Both have already been started and I plan to release one of the two later this year. It all depends, though, because I have several other projects in my queue waiting to be finished lol. Updates coming soon!

❤ That’s it for now. I’ll let you all explore the rest when you read ❤




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  1. Jessica Sainz

    Can’t wait to read. Love Matt!

  2. Can’t wait!! Matt quickly became one of my fave characters when he officiated Lissette and Luke’s wedding. I can’t wait to read his and Brook’s happy ending :D.

    I had a quick question about the ARC’s though. I signed up for it (I think through Facebook), but I wasn’t sure if it was confirmed that I was on the list. I suppose I’ll find out in two days! Congrats on your future release!!

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