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Updates and Announcements

First things first, Congrats to the winner of my $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway, Crystal Franklin!!! A huge THANK YOU to her and everyone who participated in the cover reveal for my upcoming release, OVERDOSE: A British Bad Boy Romance! You all truly made it a special event and I appreciate you tremendously. As an indie author, it’s sometimes difficult getting the word out about new projects, so I can’t express enough how priceless your efforts have been 🙂

Side Note: If anyone would like another chance to win in the coming weeks, I could use your help sharing my release day announcement. The prize will be another $50 Amazon gift card, a signed paperback copy of Overdose, and a ton of swag! CLICK HERE to sign up if you’re interested 😀

In other news…

ESPOSED, Book three of my AMBW, interracial romance series, “Free Falling“, was nominated in the romance category of the Summer Indie Romance Awards last week!!! I’m super appreciative of whoever thought to nominate me ❤ Voting will start in a few days, so I’ll be sure to share the link and info for that when available.

FF_Exposed_with award

Reminder: OVERDOSE release day: October 9th, 2016. Early chapters will be released exclusively to my newsletter. If you don’t want to miss them, CLICK HERE to sign up. It’s easy!

Further updates coming soon!


“OVERDOSE” Cover and Trailer Reveal

OVERDOSE: A British Bad Boy Romance

Release Date: October 9th, 2016

**Special Notice: This romance is of the darker variety, contains adult themes and sexually explicit content. The hero is flawed and dirty. Consider yourself warned**
Sex addict.
…the only description sex therapist, Vanessa Ferris, was given of her newest patient, a fellow psychologist, Dr. Zander Hale.
From the moment he entered her office, she knew he’d be trouble—possibly the good kind. What she wasn’t prepared for was how he’d blindside her; how he would challenge everything she thought she knew about her profession, about herself.
There are certain lines a doctor is warned never to cross with their patients, but she didn’t listen.
Now, they’re both addicted.
One hit was all it took.
***AUTHOR NOTE: “OVERDOSE” is a full-length standalone, bursting at the seams with sexual heat, thanks to one smoking hot, bad-boy and his feisty, no nonsense therapist. Expect a dark tale of erotic romance with no cliffhanger. This story is not for the faint of heart and is definitely intended for readers 18 and older.
(130,000+ words)
***TRIGGER WARNING: Please be advised, this book contains a brief, nondescript reference to sexual abuse and other violent acts that some readers may find offensive.
The Cover
(Designed by Raven St. Pierre)
The Trailer
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About the Author:

A native of the Midwest, Raven has been writing for most of her life. Dreams of becoming a full-time writer seemed afar off, but she’s ecstatic to say that dream has been realized. In addition to growing her list of completed works, she also does some writing/publishing/marketing consulting on the side. With several novels already published, she looks forward to adding many more in the years to come. If you enjoy stories told from the heart with beautifully flawed characters, then she definitely has something just for you.

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