❤ Published and Available Works ❤

Marco (The Men of Indecent Exposure, Book #1) (Interracial Romance, BW/HM)
Who is Marco Rios?

Most would say guys like him are only good at one thing… breaking hearts.
By day he’s a tattoo artist who took the plunge and started his own business, but by night…

He’ll be whoever you want him to be—a wet dream in the flesh.

Brynn Palmer was content, enjoying her low-key life, one that rarely sprouted surprises. That is, until she crossed paths with the force better known as Marco.

It was only one night, but that one night changed everything.
*To the guys, Indecent Exposure is more than just their place of business; it’s a place where they make women’s fantasies come true… and have a ton of fun doing it. “Marco” is the first standalone in “The Men of Indecent Exposure” series, so kick back and enjoy, but don’t get too comfortable. You never know when you’ll need to have your singles ready!*

Full-length | Standalone | HEA | No Cliffhanger

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Delivered: Angel & Kai (A Standalone in The Free Falling Series) (Interracial, AM/BW Romance)

There were three simple rules:
Be available.
Be discreet.
Don’t fall in love.
They followed them all… except one.
Kai carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, always putting the needs of others before his own. Angel is almost thirty and finds herself starting over in more ways than one. Both sought an outlet, a no-strings-attached arrangement to escape reality, but what happens when that fantasy becomes the realest thing they’ve ever felt?

Full-length | Standalone | HEA | No Cliffhanger

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Matt & Brooklyn: A Standalone in the “Again for the First Time” Family Saga (interracial, BW/WM Romance)

Matteo Valente is an up-and-coming filmmaker whose award-winning documentary put him on the map two short years ago. It was that very documentary that also led him to the beautiful, intriguingly elusive Brooklyn James. From the moment he laid eyes on her through the lens of his camera, he couldn’t shake the feeling that their meeting was no mistake. Their connection was instant, but Brook has been hell-bent on keeping him in the dreaded “friend zone” while she chases after her own dream.

When Matt pays a surprise visit to Brook the day she graduates with her master’s degree, she is forced to take a second look. “Come with me” were not the words she expected to hear as Matt prepared to leave town again. The invitation to spend a week in L.A. left her breathless, but there were so many reasons to turn him down; so many scenarios that could ruin their close friendship, but… at the risk of regretting it later… she said yes.

Full-length | Standalone | HEA | No Cliffhanger

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Gravity (Free Falling, #1)  (Interracial, AM/BW Romance)

A chance meeting reshapes the lives of two strangers who soon learn that we don’t always choose who we fall in love with; sometimes life chooses for us.
Samantha Kelley thinks she’s got it all figured out until she literally collides with
Anthony “AJ” Hahn one fateful day, forcing her to question whether she’s been
missing something all along…

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Secrets (Free Falling, #2) (Interracial, AM/BW Romance)

She’s never loved the way she loves him.
He’s consumed by an unquenchable need for her.
Sam and AJ have faced so much together, survived so much together, but when secrets and mistrust rock the very foundation of their relationship, they must fight to keep it all from falling apart.

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Exposed (Free Falling, #3) (Interracial, AM/BW Romance)

Walking away seemed like her only option.
Letting go was the one thing he couldn’t do.
Sam and AJ have spent the last five years trying to get over their painful breakup. Both have moved on, but neither has fully healed from the wounds of the past. When avoiding one another becomes impossible, fate may once again force them to confront their feelings – feelings they thought no longer existed.
Will they continue to fight against gravity’s pull? Or will their worlds once again collide in the final installment of the Free Falling Series?

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Today. Tomorrow. Always: a Free Falling novella (Free Falling, #3.5) (Interracial, AM/BW Romance)

Events and decisions of the past almost cost her everything, but she was given a second chance.
He marvels at the beautiful life that almost slipped through his fingers, vowing never to let anything come between them again.
The memory of being apart lingers with both Sam and AJ, but those days are long gone. Now that the dust has settled, all that remains is their unwavering love and an impenetrable bond many have tried and failed to break.
“Today. Tomorrow. Always.” is a glimpse into the life this couple has managed to build together and a chance to catch up with old friends you’ve grown to love throughout the Free Falling series.

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The Complete Free Falling Series Boxed Set (Interracial, AM/BW Romance)

The Complete Free Falling Series lets you experience the love between Sam and AJ at every phase—from the angst of newly discovered feelings, to full-fledged, unquenchable romance. This set includes all three full-length novels, plus the novella, at a fraction of the cost.

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Red Sun (Black Woman/Native-American Man Romance)

Solei soon realizes her stay just outside the nearby reservation will be nothing at all like she expected. The moment her path crosses that of two brothers from the local tribe, she finds herself amidst an intense love triangle that threatens the bonds of friendship and brotherhood. When left to decide between what her heart wants versus what her heart needs, will Solei make the right decision?

Full-length | Standalone | HEA | No Cliffhanger

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Again for the First Time (A STANDALONE in the AFTFT Family Saga, #1) (Interracial, BW/WM Romance)

“Marry me” were the last words Luke thought he’d say to a perfect stranger. Then again, Lissette never dreamed she’d actually say “yes”.
But she did…
The odds are against them from the start of their less than conventional marriage, but the couple quickly realizes that their newfound love is absolutely worth the risk.

Full-length | Standalone | HEA | No Cliffhanger

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Only Love (Interracial, BW/WM Romance)

~ Aubrey ~
He’s not what I expected. He’s just… so much more than I imagined he’d be. Cops around here aren’t exactly honorable, and yet, I found myself trusting the one in my own backyard, quite literally the floor above me. Still, my instincts have been wrong before. My heart tells me to let him in completely, to love him completely.
But I learned to stop following my heart a long time ago.
~ Adam ~
She’s locked up tight and won’t let go. A single mother, she’s bound by the struggles she hides from the world around her. These trials do nothing but burden her, test her in the worst possible way.
But I have struggles of my own, secrets, and with their depth, they don’t just test me. They consume me and have the capability of breaking me completely, of breaking us completely.
~ Aubrey & Adam ~
Only love will help us. Only love will save us.

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Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (African-American Romance)

Shanelle Harper is just looking for what every woman’s looking for—real, honest-to-goodness love; the kind that makes the  rough road getting there seem worthwhile.

Sometimes she’ll be the woman you love to hate, while other times she’ll be the woman you hate to love.  Either way, with the unbearably sexy Sinclair brothers living right next door, who can blame her for the little white-lies?  But then again… it’s the big ones that come back to haunt her.

Full-length | Standalone | HEA | No Cliffhanger

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❤ Upcoming titles to look out for ❤

*Chasing Moonlight (A STANDALONE in the AFTFT Family Saga, #3)

(BW/WM Historical Romance – Click to add it on GoodReads)

*Overdose (BW/WM Romance)



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