11 Facts You Didn’t Know About the “Free Falling Series”

With the cover reveal coming this Friday, I wanted to do a few special things this week, all of which will be focused on the Free Falling series. Today, I’m letting you all in on some things that didn’t make it into the book, scenes that changed, and characters who popped in at the last minute 🙂 Enjoy!

Three things first:

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❤ 11 Facts You Didn’t Know About the “Free Falling Series” ❤

    • In the first draft of Gravity, Sam wasn’t an artist. I added that in during the re-write. She just felt so… one-dimensional to me, like she just existed, so I gave her more personality during that round. Adding in her love of art was part of that rounding out process for her.
    • Exposed (the original draft) read very dark to me. AJ was single and cold. I hated him LOL. I nixed that version COMPLETELY (all 350+ pages of it) and started over. I’m soooo glad I did.
    • Kira, Kira, Kira… she was added into book two about a month before release. Yes… a month. Reina was an only child and I made the snap decision to add in a twin for her. Little did I know, she’d have such a huge impact on the story as a whole.
    • In the original book two, someone died.
    • Exposed was written in two months. Mostly because I painted myself into a corner. With the low note book two ended on, I knew I needed to put the third book out quickly. With the changes that took place in the re-write of book two (i.e. nixing the death and adding in Kira), I had no choice but to start Exposed from scratch.
    • There were originally 4 full-length books in this series. However, that felt like over-kill to me. It was actually about 80% complete, but I decided not to go through with it. Besides, with all the plot changes that took place during rewrites of “Secrets” and “Exposed” that book didn’t fit the series AT ALL by this point. Plus it was a continuation of the darkness of the original “Exposed” and I just wasn’t happy with it.
    • In the first draft of Gravity, there was a lot more detail about side characters such as Leslie and Sam’s other friends. Some of AJ’s, too, but that made it feel more like a YA novel, which wasn’t what I was aiming for. So, I went through and cut out all that felt unnecessary and just focused on the two of them.
    • Ugh… after publishing, I hated myself for making AJ’s real name (Anthony) and Antonio’s names so close!
    • The first draft of Gravity was written in 2009, but I didn’t publish it until 2013. By then I’d given it a new title.
    • Confession: when I started writing the book, I had NO IDEA if she’d end up with Antonio or AJ LOL. It wasn’t until I got into the characters and started really feeling the plot molding me, instead of me molding the plot, that I realized what was happening.
    • I didn’t realize I wanted this to be a series until about halfway through book one.




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  1. I never even put the Anthony/Antonio thing together because Anthony was simply AJ. And I’m so glad you made AJ the hero and not Antonio. I’m being totally biased of course…

  2. This is so interesting and enlightening … I’m glad you cut off the details about the secondary characters in book one. I’ll take AJ over Antonio any day. Can’t wait to read more about AJ and Sam!

  3. I’m glad you made all the changes you did. The Reina and Kira change was pure genius and really added to the story. I also did not notice the Anthony/Antonio name situation, they were so different they could have been from different planet, and I made zero connection. I was team AJ from the beginning….

  4. Ha, I did notice the names were close but I figured hey it could happen lol.
    I am glad you went with AJ, Antonio got on my nerves before I even made it to the second book.
    I am glad he wasn’t so cold in book three, as much as I hated Sam’s decision even I had to admit she’d been through a rough time and it was something that had to be done but she could have dropped the dude a line!!
    Anyway can not wait for the novella to release, you seriously made my world with this series. Heck I even want my very own AJ

    • Funny thing is, my friends and family who were reading chapter for chapter as I was writing the book were split down the middle until about halfway through. Those who didn’t like AJ mostly felt this way because he was so willing to move in on another guy’s girl. Personally… that was one of the things I liked most about him haha! 😉

  5. Raven, I was thinking you may have outdone yourself with AJ. I was wondering how you could possibly create another male character that could even come close. No worries, you come back with Lucca, AJ’s still first but damn if Lucca isn’t giving him a run for his money. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  6. The AJ/Antonio name thing I didn’t know! Also, when you were writing the series did you originally plan on making it ambw or was AJ going to be another race?

    • Hey, Shannon! In my head, AJ was actually white for about the first five pages, and then I decided to make him Japanese and that just seemed to fit him soooo much better. It was meant to be lol 🙂

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